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ODME BioFuel Upgrade Kit

New Rules for Tanker Ships Carrying Bio-Fuel Blends
have been applied as per IMO-MARPOL REGULATIONS: 
MEPC. 1/Circ.761/Rev 1 & MEPC. 240(65)


All Tanker ODME's, Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment, should be modified & certified in order that the Tanker Ship will be eligible to discharge waste water washings of Bio-Fuel Blends into the sea.

ODME - Germany can assist you to upgrade or replace, any ODME from any maker, into a BioFuel approved ODME.

Our retrofit turn around key, installation solution, can apply with the ship in service or en route and without any
Job can be done in very little time. From installation to ships crew or to class commissioning. 
Before Modification
ODME BioFuel Before Modification



After Modification
ODME BioFuel After Modification


We at DARLAS - HELLAS with service attendance in more than 550 ships and with more than 25 Retrofit Installations and upgrades per year have a wealth of experience, which can assure you that you choose the right people to work with.

Please contact us for further details.

Download here the datasheet for our Bio-Fuel Ready and Class approved ODME

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