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Welcome to ODME GERMANY Website

ODME – GERMANY is trading through Darlas Electronic Applications SA or Darlas - Hellas.


DARLAS – HELLAS for 30+ years (from early 1980's till 2012) served as an Exclusive Sales and Service Agent for SERES France and from 2005 till 2007 for SEIL-SERES Korea, representing their Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment, e.g.: ODME Ballast Monitors.

We currently work as an Independent - not Maker Authorized Sales & Service Station for Seres and Seil Seres ODME Systems specializing in the second hand market by refurbishing and rebuilding all kind of old or used Seres and Seil Seres ODME's.

In addition to that we also act as a Sales and Service Independent Contractor for other ODME Makers, specializing in all sectors of business related with ODME Systems and Oil in Water Monitors.

We can support you 100% with all your ODME needs included but not limited to Second Hand or Brand new Equipment Sales, Spare parts sales, Service Attendances and Technical support down to ODME component level.

ODME S3000 Calclator

Our Specialization includes:
  • ODME Site surveys, Oil in water offshore projects,
  • FPSO projects, Modifications, Retrofit Installations etc,
  • Complete Refurbishment of any second hand ODME
  • Equipment. Repair or Salvage of any defective Major
  • ODME component such as Calculator or Controller
  • Main Printed Circuit Boards, Oleometre or Oil Content
  • Meter main printed circuit boards, Measuring Vessels,
  • Fibber Optics, Flow Meters, DP Transmitters, GPS
  • interfaces etc. Ex-Stock Sales of Brand New as well
  • as Second Hand ODME Spare Parts.


Be Ready. Get Upgraded for Bio Fuel Blends

New Rules for Carrying
BioFuel Blends
have been applied as per IMO/MARPOL regulations:
MEPC. 1/Circ.761/Rev1
MEPC. 240(65)

BioFuel ODME Bio-Fuel
Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment should be modified & certified in order that the Tanker Ship will be eligible to discharge waste water washings of
Bio-Fuel Blends
in to the sea.


In addition to the above DARLAS – HELLAS provides a full range of services to meet the needs of today Tank Ship operator:
  • Remote Technical support and Troubleshooting via e-mail and telephone.
  • Ex-stock Brand New or Reconditioned Spare Parts at very competitive prices.
  • Sales and site surveys of all types of ODME systems.
  • Service and Maintenance ODME contracts at yearly fixed prices.
  • ODME Annual Inspections and Certificates.

Darlas - HELLAS premises are in Egaleo, Athens Greece. Both World Wide ODME Sales and Service Support, as well as Spare Parts, stocking and distribution are made through this main ODME facility in Egaleo-Athens-Greece.

Darlas Electronic Applications SA was established in 1981 and has a successful history of more than 30 years supporting the ODME products of SERES France and later the products of Seil-Seres Korea.

Contact Information

(30) 210 5986179, (30) 210 5986213
(30) 210 5310551, (30) 210 5310674
(30) 210 5911161
5, Kimonos Str.
122 44, Egaleo - Athens, Greece

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Darlas Electronic Applications SA is acting as an independent - Not Maker Authorized Sales & Service Station specializing in ODME Systems, Oil in Water Monitors and other Related Marine Products.