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Is currently hiring:


Technical Support – Service Attendance

Installations, Repairs, Maintenance, Training, and Presentations of Electronic Test Instruments for Electronic Labs – Workshops as well as Marine Electronic Systems for Ships. Frequently Travelling domestically as well as abroad.

Required Qualifications:

  1. TEI / AEI degree (Electronics & Automation).
  2. Good Knowledge of Electronics.
  3. Experience in repairing electronic circuits.
  4. Good knowledge and experience in working with PCs.
  5. Fluency in both the Greek and the English language.
  6. Private Motorcycle and Car Driving License.

The Company offers:

  1. Very Good Salary Compensation.
  2. Annual Productivity Bonus.
  3. Per-Kilometre Allowance
  4. Free Product Training both domestically and abroad
  5. Continuing Professional Development.

Submit your CV to the following address:

Email: cv@darlas.gr
Attention: Mr. Kostas Kasioumis
Telephone: +30-210-53.10.775
GSM: +30-6944-738.530

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